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Anecdote (fr. Anecdote – a short story about an interesting case; from the Greek. Τὸ ἀνέκδοτоν – not published, letters. "Not published") – a folklore genre, a short funny story, usually passed from mouth to mouth. Most often, a joke is characterized by unexpected semantic resolution at the very end, which gives rise to laughter. It can be a play on words or associations that require additional knowledge: social, literary, historical, geographical, etc. The topic of jokes covers almost all spheres of human activity. In most cases, the authors of the jokes are unknown.

The form algorithm is parodic use, an imitation of historical traditions, legends, natural essays, etc. During improvised semiotic transformations, a text is generated that, causing catharsis, gives aesthetic pleasure. In simple terms, a joke is an unconscious transient children's speech creation. Perhaps this is where the characteristic old Russian name comes from – the bike.

In Russia, XVIII — XIX centuries. (and in many languages ​​of the world so far) the word "joke" had a slightly different meaning – it could just be an entertaining story about a famous person, not necessarily with the task of ridiculing him (cf. Pushkin: "Days of Past Jokes"). Such “jokes” about Potemkin began to be called classics of that time.


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thoughts on “A joke blew up the Internet. I neighing to tears

  1. Да,был такой фильм! Концовка была…"те,кто его нашли(тело) притаранили в скорую….короче в больничке тело оживили в реанимации.

  2. Добрый день, тупой анекдот ,если смешно тогда – ты не будь проклят,собака не смешная.

  3. От таких людей которые рассказывает плакат хочется что такие тоже существует на нашем планете а не смеяться

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