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Halloween is coming, and we have prepared 15 funny and scary pranks to prank friends on this terrible holiday! Bloody prints, a nail in the hand, a hot dog with fingers, spaghetti with a caterpillar and other chilling draws, watch in this video!

Materials and Tools
• Hot glue gun
• Foil
• Fat cream
• Rubber insects
• Liquid soap
• PVA glue
• Acrylic paint of red color
• Red nail polish
• Parchment
• A bath towel
• Surprise Egg
• Rubber eyeball
• Lizun red
• nail
• pliers
• Ball shaped candy
• Jelly eye
• Spaghetti
• Salt
• Water
• Butter
• Black food coloring
• Mayonnaise
• Knife
• Biscuit
• Chocolate
• Package with zip lock
• scissors
• Lollipop
• Hot dog bun
• Sausages
• Ketchup
• Marshmallows
• Jelly brain
• Red syrup
• Jelly insects and snake
• Mixing bowls
• syringe

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Question of the day: which pranks will you choose for Halloween? Write in the comments!

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  4. Почему вы называете героев трум трума странными именами блонд кудряшка красотка или эти имена не имена а клички

  5. Мамочки😮😭, мне с-страшно асобенно крававае полотенце крававае зеркало крававае руки атпечатки и глаз в яйце

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