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Funny photos with black humor

Black humor is humor mixed with cynicism, the comic effect of which is ridicule of death, violence, disease, physical deformities or other “gloomy”, macabre themes. Black humor is a common ingredient in absurdity in literature and in films

The tendency to "black humor" – jokes about death, illness or war – is a sign of a person’s high intelligence, scientists at the Medical University of Vienna found out. The head of the research team, Ulrike Willinger, is convinced that there is a connection between intelligence, black humor and the level of aggression. Thus, a study was conducted in which 156 people participated: men and women 33 years old, of different origin and with different levels of education. The data showed that those who like black jokes have a higher level of intelligence, are better educated, and less aggressive. But people who did not like black humor were less educated and more aggressive. This led scientists to surprise, because before it was believed that the tendency to black humor is a sign of increased aggression.

An interesting and fascinating selection of funny photos and pictures. Some photos are very funny that you can laugh to tears. Some are just interesting and fascinating. All photos and pictures were taken in different countries of the world and at different times of the year, but this does not change the overall impression of viewing them. In this selection there are also fresh funny photos related to animals. Watching funny animals is always fun and interesting. Look at our channel for even more interesting and fascinating and funny photos about animals and people. Enjoy your viewing!

Funny funny pictures amuse us. Entertainment with humor will be mixed to tears. Life with humor and jokes brightens up our everyday life, and photo jokes and photos of the year give aesthetic pleasure.

On our channel “funny pictures” you can enjoy humor and jokes by looking at funny pictures, such as: photo of the year, jokes of the year, funny cats, funny animals, Russian jokes, jokes with girls, jokes with drunken, jokes with animals, jokes about cats, sex jokes, naked jokes, jokes with inscriptions, funny pictures and funny photos and new jokes.

Also on our channel in a separate section are interesting videos about cars. All the most interesting moments associated with cars and cars, from funny to ridiculous moments.

In a separate section are the newest and most interesting inscriptions and advertisements. People place all kinds of ads to draw attention to something. The inscriptions are sometimes very funny and ridiculous that laughing to tears is simple.

One of the most unusual fascinating and interesting headings on our channel. This is the “abandoned” section. Various kinds of buildings and structures, abandoned cars and planes, factories and even cities. You can see all the most interesting about the abandoned and the forgotten in this section.

And the very last section of the channel is a photo selection about the most awesome and terrible things that can be seen in our lives. These include terrible finds, creepy and unusual rites. Terrible things of different plan and character.

All the most interesting photos from people's lives on completely different topics and tastes of people, you can see on our channel. Videos are added every day, so every day new funny, scary, scary and interesting photo collections you can find for yourself here.

Enjoy your viewing!



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