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Good day to everyone, subscribe to my channel and like it in this courtyard of one of the Soviet capitals, in Khrushchev’s on the ground floor, we lived when I was 6-8 years old. We spent our childhood on the street, often annoying our neighbors with our activities. No hooliganism, so, children's amusements: headquarters, riding in a wheel, climbing construction sites and garages … I was most afraid of house arrests and therefore unexpected ringing at the door always alarmed me: from time to time they came to complain about me …
So that day … The doorbell rang, my mother opened. On the threshold stood a neighbor from the fifth floor. She was about 40 years old, she lived in an apartment with her father and cat. She and her father looked young enough, played tennis (sometimes I saw them leaving the house with rackets and bandages on their foreheads).
A neighbor from the doorway, without saying hello, indignantly and energetically declares:
– Please take measures, this is impossible, it affects him badly … climbs through the vineyard, they run together on the roof …

“Yes, what can you expect from Tanya,” my mother thought, “… then she jumps in the trash, leading the neighboring children, then she says a brick in the nose … A couple of weeks ago came the mother of a“ decent ”and always smartly dressed girl with a request that my Tanya would no longer fit her daughter … "
“Yes, yes …,” my mother shyly and quietly mumbled, “I’m very uncomfortable …”
“… he steals food from him,” the neighbor continues.
After these words, my mother tensed, because I did not suffer from gluttony; I still had to persuade me to eat a spoonful of soup … at least without bread …
“You tie her,” the neighbor said.
With bulging eyes, Mom imagined the eldest daughter tied to a battery, and her suspicions crept in:
– Sorry .., I have two daughters … Which one do you mean?
– What? Daughters ?? What daughters ?? Are you kidding me? Cat … gray … striped … yours ??
“Little cat ??,” my mother said, and grinned, barely restraining herself so as not to laugh in the neighbor’s face.
Tortured by life, work, and two children, it could never have occurred to her that someone would complain about a cat!
The neighbor pursed her lips in resentment:
“Are you kidding me, yes!?,” She whispered. She sighed, turned and energetically walked up the stairs to her fifth floor …

Yes, we had a cat, which very often walked on its own, and came home only in the evening, when we came home. So she climbed the vineyard to the domestic cat on the fifth floor. Then the cat disappeared somewhere and did not appear again. My mother blames the neighbor for this, which, they say, is not without her help …
And the cat then meowed for a while plaintively in search of his girlfriend.


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We have in the garage wound up an irreplaceable nickel – a small mouse.

For the third evening in a row, his cat neatly puts it in my boot. I'm a mouse vacation


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