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11 MINUTES OF SELECTIVE JAWS 2019 BEST JACKETS of rzhak to tears fumes humor KIDS ЛЮ
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Very funny video, as many as 11 minutes of selected jokes. The psyche test, laughed, lost.
Our selection of jokes contains the funniest Russian jokes, awesome parodies. For you, a cool selection of fresh jokes for every taste! Compilations of funny and positive videos are funnier than the funniest, with awesome humor in collections about people, girls and animal jokes 2019. Watch and laugh every day! Rzhaka to tears, fumes and jokes are waiting for you on our channel.
On our channel the best #funny jokes of 2019 and a selection of jokes, as well as a #test for the psyche, try not to laugh #challenge (#laughed, lost) regularly appear on our channel.
#Funny cats are not rare guests of our collection of jokes where there are jokes with animals and even funny animals.
We value our viewers and release only high-quality content and a beautiful picture, so your support and feedback on our #alphony video is important to us!
On the channel you will find # the best jokes and the funniest selections of jokes, for example #Russian jokes, jokes with girls, # jokes animals, all the very # best jokes and just #humor, #coal and #laughter to tears.
Funny jokes, funny animals, memes, failed falls and just funny videos.
The best collection of jokes is just for you. Humor, fervor and laughter will not leave you while watching a video.
In this collection, you are definitely expected – the most gifted # idiots and # morons top collection
Be sure to subscribe to the channel and you will always have a great mood from funny videos and fails with failures and jokes, as well as Like! I say thanks in advance my friend, this is a very big support!
Put likes and dislikes, leave comments! So we can understand what is worth improving, and what to leave the same! Thank ! 😉
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 challenge, challenge don't laugh, psyche test, # 21minute laugh # 20minute jokes and other videos are included in this selection of jokes.
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