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In the calendar of the holidays of September there is also a date that plays an important role for society and each person as a whole. This is International Beauty Day. Since modern society is largely obsessed with beauty and trends about this, we publish relevant information about World Beauty Day.

World Beauty Day – September 9th
International Beauty Day on September 9th is celebrated by the whole world, and at the same time they pay attention to important issues of humanity. The holiday raises moments of tolerance, understanding and body-positive, but more on that later in the history of the holiday International Beauty Day.
World Beauty Day: holiday story
The holiday of September 9 is not accidental. The fact is that the SIDESCO International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology took the initiative to create the International Beauty Day, which is celebrated annually on September 9. Since 1995, on this day in the world, everything beautiful and beautiful is especially welcome. By the way, it is often on this day that various competitions and beauty contests are held.

international beauty day

In addition to the usual parameters and ideals of beauty, those who always do not fit into these standards are always encouraged with special attention. Beauty Day is also a day of tolerance for those who are different, therefore, in addition to beauty contests, various processions, events and festivals are also held on this day, in which people with an appearance that does not meet model standards or different originality participate and are encouraged. International Beauty Day is also the day when cosmetologists, manufacturers and sellers of cosmetics, plastic surgeons, model business workers and everyone whose work is somehow connected with beauty celebrate their professional holiday.

Where do you come from, beauty?

Mila Dobrovan

Where do you come from, beauty?
Your eyes are the blue of heaven in spring
Your smile is a rainbow of color
And hair is a river current.

You refresh like July rain
You warm like fire in cold weather
Your voice is the singing of angels in paradise
Your scent is the breath of a tea rose.

You're like an oasis in the sand
The cloister for the pilgrim wanderer.
I've been waiting for this meeting for seven hundred centuries,
But, like the wind, you are elusive.

Where are you slipping? Do not rush.
Life is brighter and fuller with you.
Take the heat of my soul with you
He will warm you in the cold with warmth.

Pictures and poems taken from open sources on the Internet. All rights belong to their rightful owners. Thanks to the authors for the opportunity to use the materials.
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