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Welcome to stream bro 👊
How to play with me?
🎮Write a chat: Prime ?, Rank, Nick in the game, Like under the stream. Subscription + Bell
🙏Support streamer donatik:
🌟 Twitch channel:
🎁 Draw here:
👻Trade link:
ТимStim profile:
🐣 VKontakte group:
💫 I Vkontakte:
Hi bro👊You hit the stream on the cop go.
Let me tell you what is happening here:
-We play rollers 5 by 5 tobish mm competitive mode.
-Walking into partners with a 2 by 2 random subscriber.
-We draw skins.
-I distribute skins to a random chat subscriber.
-I fulfill your challenges
-We play a maniac on the maps
Well, everything seems to be! I hope you enjoy it with us.
Subscribe and click on the bell 😜
🚨💬💬 CHAT RULES 💬💬🚨
There is a positive channel 🙂 Be friendly
1. No mate, insults, spam
2. Without PR, which is NOT consistent with me
3. Claims to me / channel in PM Discord / VK
4. Violation: 1-warning .; 2mut 300s; 3-ban
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scarf system play; stream by cs: go cs go mm maniac cs: go draw of skins I am a cheater or I’m Zhossky marmok stream by cs go cs: go mm maniac cs: go mini-games cheater marmok with a good dog; night chill-stream xs: go; live stream live 2019

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