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STREAM on CS: GO, CSGO Stream CS CS GO, Stream CSGO 😎Mr Luminouse✌
BRO, SUBSCRIBE🍎 + Bell + LIKE👍 WRITE IN THE CHAT – I will answer! ✍️
🎁 Constantly SKIN WINS 🎁 Conditions in the description ⬇️⬇️⬇️
🔴 STREAMS on CS GO Every Day 👌 FOLLOW on Channel + Groups! ⏰
💜 Special thanks to EVERYONE for like and subscribe! 💜

Conditions: SUBSCRIPTION + Bell + Like
2) 🎁 RAZYRYSHYS💎AK-47 Cartel !!! – at 4,500 Sabov🎈
Conditions in VK:
❗️ I'm looking for a sponsor / partner for the draws

🚀🚀🚀SERVER for Subscribers:
💜 SKINS! Ws! Knife! Glove 32 to 32 128tick🔥
VIP 50-100r, Admin 300r, Full Admin 600r – through Donat

Support, for updating Iron, on Server👌
💜 I will be EVERY grateful to EVERYONE for help
💎DONATE 1: – from 10 rubles, from 20 rubles. – with voice acting📣
💎Donat 2 (it is better to throw in the 1st): – from 10 rubles.
💎Steam DONAT:
Need skins for practical jokes)
🎧 Order music: Track / Link to Donat
⭐️TOP Donators I will add to the BOARD OF HONOR! ⭐️

🍎🍎🍎 ADD TO GROUPS! 🍎🍎🍎
👉Tut Announcements of Stream, we Communicate РО + WINS! 🎉🎉🎉

💠VK: (Prank and Announcements)
🔵VK Stream and Lottery Notifications:
👾Discord: (We communicate, Questions about the Server)
🥇Our Clan Tag:
🚀Discord Server:
🔷My Steam:
Add on Steam for a Good game / Skins / Donat

🍒🍒🍒 WHAT CAN I DO? 🍒🍒🍒
1. Play (read the rules)
3. Painting on Steam / VK
4. Add to VK
5. Evaluation / Interchange

1. PR / Advertising
2. MM out of turn
3. 1on1 or Companions
4. Add to Steam
5. Check out the inventory
6. Give the moderator
7. PC help
8. Voice to Discord
9. Extend Stream

There is a positive channel and the main thing is a good atmosphere! 😃
We make everyone enjoy watching and playing! 🍰
✌ To everyone HELLO
I'm playing CS: GO now
Videos will be soon;)
😎Luminouse (Luminous) name is Limi
OPEN to Partnership write to VK / Discord

1) Subscription + Bell + Like!
2) Join Discord, VK, Steam Groups (who has what)
1) On our Server, you can without Prime
2) MM is only Prime!
1. Today's Donatorsат
3. People with Chat Star + with Micro
2. The line in VK:
❓How to get to the Lobby❓
1) Chat: Prime ?, Rank, Nick in the game
2) Throw an Invited CODE: A6FW2-JHNQ
🔴 Therefore, BE ON A STREAM and FOLLOW ❗️

1) No mats, insults, screams, NO TOXIC
2) Do not blame the "not good" game
3) Thank you for helping me improve my game.
4) No cheats! If you suspect – watch the demo

🚨💬💬 CHAT RULES 💬💬🚨
There is a positive channel 🙂 Be friendly
1) No mate, insults, spam
2) Without PR, which is NOT consistent with me
3) Claims to me / channel in PM Discord / VK
4) Violation: 1-warning .; 2mut 300s; 3-ban
5) I give Modera for Help / Donat. The best ladies skins!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ HONOR BOARD ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️
Respect, honor and respect from everyone !!! 👍

Who helps the channel (from 300r) 🙏😇💜
Lev_16_BIT -2900
Shon – 1000
game and play -1000
ground -1000
PUTIN -722
Frizzzy -700
Bald Banana – 508
Fan Aida -425
Time Game -400
Freesket -400
ILAFako – 375
Dimas YT -336
Strange -335
Batman -314
Sergey -300
flax belly -400
Llosh F-400
kaww -350
Simon S -300

How to get? Play Stream / Tournament
hello d
F. F

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scarf system play; stream by cs: go cs go mm maniac cs: go draw of skins I am a cheater or I’m Zhossky marmok stream by cs go cs: go mm maniac cs: go mini-games cheater marmok with a good dog; night chill-stream xs: go; live stream live 2019


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thoughts on “🔴 STREAM for CS GO 🔥 Streams of CSGO Stream CS: GO CSGO 🎁 WIN SKIN 💎 I play with Followers с MM

  1. Всем привет! Стрим по КС ГО каждый день!🔥
    Бро, ПОДПИШИСЬ+Колокольчик и поставь ЛАЙК👍
    Постоянно РОЗЫГРЫШИ СКИНОВ – следите в VK!🎁
    Пиши КОММЕНТ под видео, всем отвечу!✅

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