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A new selection of vulgar anime jokes already on the channel! Anime 18+
anime jokes, funny, vulgar moments from anime.
Carbon moments from anime.
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Previous selection of vulgar moments —-
I am the author of the Ami-Yami channel. I watch more than 10 hours of Anime per day, and manually select the worthy. That’s why every week you will see a selection of “anime fun”, “vulgar situations from anime”, “carbon situations”, “anime fun to music”, “Awkward situations from anime”, cutting funny moments from anime, “top anime”, “anime coub” ” fun about anime "" vulgar fun anime "" anime clip "" vulgar moments from anime "" fun from anime "
Mostly the genre "etti" "comedy" and "anime romance"
 Mail for communication – ami9yami@gmail.com
The name of all the anime from the video in the description))
Music from the video:
Intro nightcore – senpai
OZZIE End – Gangsta (ZAGOR Rework)
Who wants to can be added to me in VK –
We can talk there) I will also answer any questions there)

Anime from video:

1 magician senpai series 10

2 Egoist of high specialty series 1

3 is it a disaster series 8

4 Crazy tales of a girl's dorm! series 6

5 Fall of Akiba episode 9

6 magician senpai series 10

7 Sample commoner in the school of noble girls series 5

8 Yamada and the Seven Witches Episode 4

9 Almighty Fafnir Series 2

10 life series 1

11 The Witch Rurumo series 5

12 Cheap Sweets Series 1

13 Unity of the Seven Mages Episode 5


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thoughts on “SEND AND CARBON MOMENTS FROM ANIME | Anime fun # 15 | vulgar anime | anime coub | Etti | anime 18+

  1. Друзья ролик вышел на пару дней позже.. Были проблемы с авторским правом.
    Сейчас все хорошо, приятного просмотра ! :3

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