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How the Cossacks — How the Cossacks of the Brides Rescued (1973)

Cool goods with COSSACKS —

A series of marine adventures of Cossacks chasing the pirates who kidnapped Cossacks. Pirates — like Cossacks — are able to sail on their ship from era to era. The pursuit passes through colorful locations: Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, India, and ends on the island of pirates.
Prizes: 1973 — “Silver Sisters” of the VI International Festival of Documentary and Short Films in Nyon (Switzerland).

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Year: 1967
Country: USSR
Director: Vladimir Dakhno
Scenario: Vladimir Dakhno
Director of the film: A. Kovalenko
Operator: Anatoly Gavrilov
Composer: Miroslav Skorik
Artist: A. Vadov
Installation: O. Deryazhnaya
Genre: Cartoon, Short

UkrAnima is the first licensed online catalog of Ukrainian animation. It contains a complete collection of cartoons from the KievNauchFilm and UkrAnimaFilm studios since 1961. Among them are: Teddy Bear and the One-Who-In-River-Lives, Like Cossacks …, Viy, Katigoroshok, The Tale of the White Ice Cub, The desperate cat Vaska, Alice in Wonderland, Kapitoshka, as Petya Pyatochkin considered elephants, Doctor Aibolit, Captain Vrungel, Treasure Island, and many others.

The channel was created with the participation of the studio "UkrAnimaFilm". .


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