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Mi-Bears Kesha — 2 Funny cartoons for children and adults Series 81

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In this series, Kesha invented Kesha-2, because he alone cannot have time to do everything himself: to help Fox to get the ball on the tree, to help Little Cloud to get the hooked fishing rod. Now Kesha-2 is replacing Kesha in everything. Is it good when you have such a double? All the details in the new series "Kesha-2"
The animated series “Teddy Bears” tells about the adventures of indefatigable mischief-makers: a brown bear cub named Kesha and a white bear named White Cloud. As well as their girlfriend Lysychka and pet Tsype.

Kesha the brown bear cub and his friend White Cloud live in the forest. Once upon a time, White Cloud came to visit and settled in his house at some distance from Innocent's house. This is a positive, humorous, optimistic series. It can help people see that you can live in harmony with nature and at the same time be developed, enthusiastic, loving science and technology. Well, that friendship overcomes any obstacles.
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