Funny Scare Pranks l Frightening, funny people # 56 | 😆YumorTV😂

Funny Scare Pranks l Frightening, funny people # 56

A selection of fears, fears of friends, fears of girls, guys, fears at work. Jokes on people 2019.
New Funny scare prank compilation 2019. Scare cam, scared girls and boys.

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17 thoughts on “Funny Scare Pranks l Frightening, funny people # 56

  1. I know that it is wrong and terrible of Me to find such satisfaction from people getting the Crap scared out of them…, BUT keep me

  2. Чтоб ты усрался🤣 я ржал громко, аж разбудил своих))))

  3. Начало просто топ!! Умчался от смеха) красава.

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