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9 pranks and life hacks for school

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Antistress toys from lizuns and squishas — 8 ideas! Granny vs Unicorn !:
If the school gets bored, try one of our new ideas! Edible volcano in a geography lesson! School board with a view of the sky! Or a domino from notebooks! Choose any idea from our new video!

Tools and materials:
• A sheet of paper to fit the school board
• Acrylic paints
• brushes
• Sponge
• Clear plastic sheet
• Gouache
• Double-sided tape
• Oreo
• Milk
• Plastic bottle 1.5 liters
• 0.5 liter soda bottle
• Styrofoam
• Parchment paper
• Marker
• Knife
• Hot glue
• Egg white
• Sugar
• Mixer
• Red food coloring
• Green mastic
• Leaf mold
• Toothpicks
• Dinosaur figurine
• Notepad
• A bag of chocolate milk
• Ruler
• Sweater
• pins
• Sintepon
• Needle with thread
• Hoody
• Knitting thread
• Recorder folder
• Foamiran
• Grid
• Tapes
• Foam ball
• Button studs
• Fastener fastener
• Zipper
• Designer details
• Accounts
• sponge
• Squishy
• Lizun
• Lock
• rope
• Decorative clothespins
• Squish in the shape of a cat
• Velcro
• Felt
• Notebook in a box
• Bookmark with fabric bookmark
• Small notebooks of the same size

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