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FIXY AGAINST CHARABOTES — the final trailer of the film!

The new full-length cartoon "FIXES AGAINST JOBS" — in the cinema since December 21, 2019! Professor Chudakova called to a duel! The secret of fixatives is in danger again! Little heroes have to fight with the mechanical assistants of the "evil genius" — Erica, a longtime rival of the professor. Work against fixes! Who will win? Watch in movie theaters from December 21!

Fixies in Cinema 2
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Who are #fixes — a big, big secret? But everyone already knows — that’s the name of the little men who live in cars and appliances, are well versed in technology, can fix everything, give useful advice, explain how it works … The Fiksiki animated series is created by Aeroplan studio, has been published since 2010 — and has already gathered millions of fans! Watch educational and developing #fixiki cartoons and subscribe to our channel! Inst.


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