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Noize MC — Everything is like people

Everything is like people’s (Tribute to Yegor Letov) in Apple Music:



DOP Arseny Kan
Director Leonid Alekseev
1st AC Andrey Reznichenko
Gaffer Victor Strashnov
Lighting technician Andrey Kaydalov, Shaga Alexander, Kocharyants Anton
Key grip Badiuk Sergey
Grooming Olya Vasilyeva
Style & art direction Leonid Alekseev
Editor Yuri Tarkhanov
Color correction Victor Isamuhamedov
Playback Stanislav Sokolov
Dolly Yaroslav Pilshchikov, Mikhail Banchenko
Producer Olya Vasilyeva
Design: Michael Rule
Music Egor Letov, Ivan “Noize MC” Alekseev
Words Ivan "Noize MC" Alekseev, Egor Letov
Arrangement: Vadim “Shramm Storm” Nekrasov, Ivan “Noize MC” Alekseev, Egor Letov
Mixing and mastering: Vadim "Shramm Storm" Nekrasov

Concert Poster:
Noize MC on Instagram:

Noize MC — Everything is like people

Head in a plastic box with a phone, keys and passport
X-ray in the scanner enlighten affectionately for the security of the state
And it’s unlikely to be sewn back:
Hands are looking for the nape of the neck stumps;
Torso chest tight against the walls —
It is not visible from the container what is there with the body.
Tape with a monotonous drone drags a box —
And for the body also find a box:
It will become a headless camp, lying in it,
Almost dead. Almost real:
Someone may even remember for 40 days …

… Everything is like people.
Everything is like people have.

And the girl from the mounted police
With a white iPhone on a white stallion
Waiting on instagram like from the prince
And he expects low prices from Black Friday.
Hoofs clatter along the street;
Screw the demonstrators boys colleagues;
Discuss the recipes of clever girlfriends
In an unblocked "cart".
She will buy a set of “Lego” at Mega tomorrow
For a nephew on his birthday day.
In the set — an autosack and three people:
Two cops for one — everything is just like people have.
Everything is like people …


The media say that everywhere agents of MI-6, the CIA and Mossad —
They frighten with the fiend of hell star-striped-nosy-peysaty.
The ice under the major’s feet breaks easier than the falafel crust:
The major is not afraid, the major will not drown — the major, if anything, is in the bathyscaphe.
Do you hear the scrapes creaking and buzzing with old-fashioned dubstep?
This again, like Chelubey with Peresvet, the Sovdep fight with the State Department to death.
And so that strangers are afraid, beat their hardest …


Hey don’t escalate, stop it —
If the real kipish begins, what will happen, imagine!
If there is a snitch — so fuck in Pindostan:
Hooli are you all torn up? In kind, got it!
It’s not easier to breathe from the shit on the fan —
Only hunting respirators press down harder.
Without you enough stench — easy to yell.
Everyone knows how not to, how to be — no one.
Politchapito. Media Clowning:
Every chlamydomonas has a mind chamber
And everything has its own views. And you crap something a bit too much for us here
For the hostage of the regime, bitch, gagged:
A protest of inconsistencies, a riot in social networks,
Dance to someone else's tune on other people's bones —
It would be better to entertain the Gazprom cones
On fat reserves in chic mansions …
The world of one-room apartments with a combined bathroom:
A microphone for a hundred rubles, a self-made muzlo —
You got out of there? So lucky!
So filter the bazaar and multiply the number on the account:
A cozy box of the bourgeois district —
Popular prints about the fool's happiness;
Typical subjects — surrogate cultures:
The soul is cheap, and the skin is expensive.
But come on ask your children
Where is their dad needed: in the news bulletins,
To wipe his feet on him on the telly?
Or in the corridor, so that the seat can be raised by a great one?
Is it boring, you know, living without cunts?
While they feed, eat, while they drink, drink …

Chorus. .


23 thoughts on “Noize MC — Everything is like people

  1. Огромная благодарность тебе ,что не боишься подобными роликами выражаться .Не многие на это способны,хорошо что ты озвучиваешь то,что у многих людей в головах и на душе.Но так как многие скованы кредитами и опасением за свои семьи и детей, не могут подобного высказать.Конечно же не в таком же стиле как у тебя ).Продолжай в том же духе,здоровья и благополучия всем твоим близким.

  2. Великие артисты все немного ненормальные.

    Жаклин Сюзанн, "Долина кукол

  3. И за каким чертом понесло его на эту галеру!

    Мольер, "Плутни Скапена"

  4. Любовь — заря, горит лишь раз, вечно сияющих зорь не бывает.

  5. Музыка дана людям в компенсацию трагической краткости человеческого века.

  6. Сколько земли, сколько простора и света, а человеку все равно чего-то недостает, и прежде всего — свободы…

  7. Родину невозможно унести, можно унести только тоску.

    Чингиз Айтматов, "Плаха"

  8. Как трудно рождалось в человеке человеческое.

    Чингиз Айтматов, "Плаха"

  9. Обожаю этот трек!!! Нойз такаой одухотверенный… Классная понтомима!! Егорка был бы рад!
    Бро, когда успели гитару в конце подвесить??

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