Cool pictures "Masha and the Bear" with captions?YumorTV?
?Лучшие смешные и необычные видео приколы про людей и животных попадающих в самые нелепые и смешные ситуации.

Cool pictures "Masha and the Bear" with captions

"Masha and the Bear" — recently, this cartoon has become wildly popular, and not only among children from infancy to adolescence. Cute bully Masha and other characters of this funny cartoon do not leave indifferent even adults. Based on this cartoon, our funny pictures have been created. Here Masha appears before you not only as a playful girl, but also as a small woman with real feminine logic and a sharp tongue — this can be judged by her "statements", the text of which is located in the pictures. Each of them will surely amuse the addressee!

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