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Frog traveler. Cartoons for children

A hand-drawn cartoon based on the fairy tale of the same name by V.M. Garshin. One little frog living in a pond dreamed of flying like birds. And when she came up with a new way to travel on ducks, her desire to show off almost led to tragedy …

Frog traveler
Once upon a time there was a frog-frog. She sat in a swamp, caught mosquitoes and midges, and in the spring croaked loudly with her friends.
One day she sat there and enjoyed the warm, fine rain. Suddenly, a thin, whistling, intermittent sound was heard in the air — a flock of ducks flew to the very swamp where the frog lived.
At first the frog hid, but later she decided to stick her big-eyed head out of the water: she was very interested to know where the ducks were flying.
— Quack quack! — Said the duck. — It's getting cold already! Hurry south! Hurry south!
— Lady duck! — the frog dared to say — What is the south to which you are flying?
— Good in the south! Now it's warm there! There are such glorious warm swamps! What worms are there! Good in the south!
— Are there many midges and mosquitoes?
— Oh, whole clouds!
The frog was delighted and began to beg to go south with the ducks.
— How will we take you? You have no wings! One of the ducks exclaimed.
The frog thought a little and said:
— I know! I made it up! Let the two of you take a twig in their beaks, and I will cling to it in the middle. You will fly, and I will go.
Although it is no pleasure to be silent and drag a light frog for three thousand miles, God knows what a pleasure, but her mind led the ducks into such delight that they unanimously agreed to carry it.
And now the frog took its breath away from the terrible height to which it was raised. “This is how I thought it up perfectly,” she thought proudly to herself.
On the next vacation, the frog asked the ducks to fly not so high.
Now they heard the voices of people:
— Look! — shouted the children in this village, — Ducks carry a frog!
The frog listened to this, and her heart leapt.
"Do they know that it was me who invented it, not the ducks?" The frog thought to herself.
— Look, look! — shouted in another village. — What a miracle! And who invented such a clever thing?
The frog could not stand it and, forgetting caution, screamed loudly with all his urine:
— It's me! I AM! — and with this cry, the frog flew down and flung itself into a muddy pond at the edge of the village.
Here the frog told the local toads a wonderful story about how she invented a new, unusual way of traveling on a duck; how she had her own ducks that carried her wherever she pleased.
She claimed that her ducks would return for her, but the ducks never returned. They thought the frog had crashed to the ground, and they felt very sorry for her.

The composition "B-Roll (ska) — Islandesque" belongs to the artist Kevin MacLeod. License: Creative Commons Attribution (
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The composition "Bright Wish" belongs to the artist Kevin MacLeod. License: Creative Commons Attribution (
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