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Songs for children. Shop I Developing, educational cartoon — a game for children

# Songs for children. # Shop (Cartoon for children).
Wonderful educational song — # shop game! Let's play interestingly and sing!

Shopping at the store
I'll tell you everything in order.
You need to take a basket with you,
I'll put my purchases there!

To cook soup, you need potatoes
And the carrots need fresher!
I'll take a little more bow,
And the basket became heavier.

In the morning I always eat porridge with milk,
Porridge is important for children!
I'll take milk and curdled milk,
And the basket became heavier.

Here are cookies on the shelf,
Sweets and gingerbread for friends!
I'll take a bun and a cheesecake here,
And the basket became heavier!

My basket is very heavy
With her I already go to the checkout.
I will pay money for purchases
And I'll empty the basket.

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