VIDEO FUN 2018 # 16 a selection of tearing you tube gags!?YumorTV?
?Лучшие смешные и необычные видео приколы про людей и животных попадающих в самые нелепые и смешные ситуации.

VIDEO FUN 2018 # 16 a selection of tearing you tube gags!

This latest video jokes are ready to please you again! A new, hilarious selection of the latest jokes from around the world.

I just thought and decided this: it would be nice to hear from you in the comments — what kind of jokes do you like the most? What amuses you the most? Any ridiculous incidents by people, or maybe practical jokes? Falls, or drunken eccentricities? Or maybe even accidents on the roads, because a person sitting behind the wheel begins to generate twice as many funny situations?

In general, write without hesitation and we will try to take into account all your wishes!

In the meantime, your attention is another superbly selected compilation of video jokes. …


  1. Александр Булах says

    Приколы сомнительные

  2. Алексей Сукневич says

    6:10 уганда

  3. Vlad Super says

    он ютуб неправильно написал через пробел

  4. Sam 905 says

    Точно. Где прикол с заставки???

  5. Шурик и ПоповичЪ says

    ржака)))класс!лайк!и заходи ко мне!

  6. Irena Krei says

    Ну и заставка.озабоченый.

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